As a result of the 2020 health crisis, our regularly planned programming for the Vancouver Aces for Spring/Summer of 2020 was pre-empted, and now with the current precautions and guidelines set out by the governing bodies, a modified program has been put together as a way to encourage and engage our registered Van Aces participants while also staying safe and adhering to all safety guidelines.  To register, simply go to the REGISTER page on this site; there is no cost to our modified Summer 2020 programming.

*Summer 2020 Programming has now concluded

We hope you have been able to make use of the Summer 2020 materials that we’ve set up online and are continuing to stay safe; a final wrap up video has been posted to conclude this year’s summer programming – it has been a learning experience for all of us involved in the Vancouver Aces during these times!

Aces Y2 t-shirts have been delivered – if you for whatever reason did not receive your t-shirt yet, please email your Aces coach (you should have received a check-in message a few weeks ago from one of our youth coaches) and we’ll get it out to you!

Thank you to McSweeney’s for providing Coaches’ Appreciation Gifts for Summer 2020!

As always, stay safe!

LEVEL 1 – ON-LINE TRAINING:  Individual Tutorials and Drills

Our Community Youth Coaches (meet them on our Coaches Page) have worked together to provide short videos of varying ability levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced) that participants can view and try on their own and at their own individual pace.  There are also various optional challenges that the coaches have included for our participants to try.  Most of these can simply be done at home; some of the finishing drills require a basketball hoop (either home backyard hoop or outdoor hoops).

If participants wish to take their drills one step further beyond simply viewing the videos for ideas to try, they can set up one-on-one online coaching  sessions with our coaches by sending us an email at or through our CONTACT page on this site.  Online coaching sessions can be in one of the two following formats, and registered participants should indicate which they prefer when sending their initial request:

IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK – a “live” one-on-one session set up on MS Teams where one of our coaches can go over a break down of a particular drill and give immediate feedback; these live one-on-one sessions would be limited to 20 minutes maximum time each session, one session maximum per day, as a limit on screen time.

DELAYED FEEDBACK – a back-and-forth communication stream set up via email whereby the participant sends their questions and/or footage of themselves going through a particular drill or skill and one of our coaches would respond and work specifically with that participant through that drill.  Because of the delayed timing aspect, this could encompass multiple drills, with the frequency of communication determined by the participant and the coach on the initial reply.

To view our drills, register then click here:  DRILLS

LEVEL 2 – IN PERSON TRAINING:  to be offered possibly later on in Summer 2020


If a participant is in need of a basketball to use, please let us know – we can provide one!

Any questions can be sent to our email address or through the contact page on this site.